Unlimited Super Stocks

Strap in to 8000 lbs. of high flying fun with the Unlimited Super Stocks.  Limited to 650 cubic inches, these machines may boast as many as four turbo chargers staged together in song.  With methanol pumping through these engines, the Unlimited Super Stocks have become known for their ground pounding power and amazing wheel speed.  Keeping these bad boys between the lines and settled down is a daunting task for the driver, but the fans can’t get enough of the awesome power coming from these machines.

Super Modifieds

This class is an engineer’s dream, as the goal is to get four Hemi’s, three Turbines or Allison Aircraft Engines to sing in harmony, in a pursuit of putting the power to the track. Tipping the scales at 7800 lbs., the competitors in the E-3 Sparkplug Modified class must use every ounce to they have to their advantage.  Fans from across the country pack the stands for a chance to watch these machines throw dirt with the power of over 10,000 horses.

Mini Rods

Get your popcorn and drinks before or after this class!  You will want to be in your seat for every vehicle.  Weighing in at 2050 lbs. and producing 2,500 horsepower, these tractors give their drivers wheel standing, fast, and sometimes wild rides.  The Mini Rods are a fan favorite across the country!

Super Stock Diesel 4wd Trucks

If you love trucks and smoke, this is your class!  They got tons of power under the hood, turn out black smoke, and put on a great show for all ages.

Light Pro Stocks

Super Mod 2wd Trucks